Finn helps Hope sort through her feelings for Thomas

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024)
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

At Eric's house, Eric was excited that Thomas would carry on the tradition of weddings at the mansion. Brooke said it might be a long engagement, but Eric was thrilled to host the wedding whenever it would be. Donna asked if everyone was really buying the wedding thing, and she wondered if Thomas was really over Hope. Ridge got defensive, asking Donna what there was to question.

Donna admitted that Thomas and Paris had been cute, "but of course, he's going to deny his feelings for Hope." Ridge said Thomas wasn't denying them, and part of him would always love Hope. Ridge insisted that Thomas wanted to be with Paris, and they were good for each other.

Donna clarified that she wasn't questioning Thomas' love for Paris, just the timing of the wedding. Ridge said there wasn't even a date yet. Donna asked why Thomas had had to "stand there and announce -- " Ridge interjected that it was because Thomas was in love and wanted to move on with his life. Eric said Thomas' feelings for Hope complicated things.

Donna noted that Hope had had to leave the room. Ridge claimed to be sensitive to Hope's feelings. Brooke replied that the relationship had been special to Hope, and the ending had knocked Hope off her feet. Although Brooke wasn't lobbying for Thomas and Hope to be together, Brooke was worried about the lost and confused Hope. Brooke asked if Steffy might be pushing Thomas and Paris together to keep Thomas away from Hope.

Ridge denied that was true. Brooke replied that Steffy had told Thomas not to trust Hope. Eric stated that Paris wasn't a woman Thomas had just met, and they'd lived together. Donna replied that they hadn't been lovers. Ridge asserted that they'd been friends who'd fallen in love, and no one had forced them together. Brooke replied that she wasn't saying it was the only reason the couple had gotten together, but Thomas did value Steffy's opinion.

Ridge insisted that Thomas was excited about his future with Paris, and Douglas loved Paris. Ridge was sorry for Hope but said Thomas had moved on for himself, not because of Steffy. Ridge suggested that Hope could do the same and find someone else somewhere else.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were alone. He asked if she wanted to go to the pool with Eric and Donna, but Brooke was still upset about Hope. Ridge believed Hope would bounce back. Brooke replied that Hope was all over the place. Ridge was sorry about that; however, he was happy that Thomas had found joy in his life, and Ridge believed Hope would find someone special to share her life with. Brooke agreed but looked worried.

In Eric's office, Finn assured Hope that her feelings about Thomas' engagement were justified. Finn also sensed that she'd thought Thomas would return home and pick up with her. Hope replied that Finn knew her well. Speaking as a friend, Finn told Hope that he thought Thomas was committed to Paris, "and that's a good thing. Not only for him, but especially for you."

Hope maintained that it was way too soon to be engaged or to plan a wedding. "Hope, no one is pushing them," Finn reasoned. Hope claimed Steffy was, but Finn asked if Steffy even knew about the ceremony at Eric's. Hope said Steffy hadn't told anyone about the relationship, and Hope believed Steffy was pushing Thomas and Paris together. Finn disagreed. He admitted that Steffy believed in the couple, but Finn believed in Hope, who could do better than Thomas.

Finn didn't think Thomas was the right guy for Hope, but Hope quipped that it was a moot point. Finn understood that Hope was having a hard time. Hope replied that she didn't understand any of it. Finn, who only knew what Steffy had told him, said Paris and Thomas were in love and wanted a life together. "Why?" Hope uttered.

Hope wondered why she'd turned Thomas down. Finn thought it was a good question. Hope didn't know what was wrong with her. She hadn't wanted to lose Thomas, but the thought of forever terrified her. She didn't know what was happening. Finn suggested that she was shocked. Hope said she'd understand shock, envy, or even regret, but her feelings made no sense. She asserted that if she'd really wanted Thomas, all she'd had to do was say yes.

Finn replied that Hope hadn't said that. Hope was starting to wonder if her problem was that she felt the way she did because she couldn't have him. Finn didn't know, but he was certain that she'd find love again. He told her that people were drawn to her, and someday, someone would show up and make her feel the same way. He promised that there was life after Thomas.

Finn theorized that Hope and Thomas had been about timing, and he'd given her what she'd needed in the moment -- a one-woman man. It had been appealing and secure. Hope asked why she'd rejected the proposals. She reasoned that people could have long engagements, and they had been committed. She asked if she'd made a mistake and let the right guy go.

Finn assured Hope that the right guy was still out there. Hope replied that she shouldn't have to hear that because she had a great life and career. Finn figured she wanted love, too, and she deserved it. Finn told her that people looked up to her, and she couldn't let those guys get her down. He said she'd thought the right guy was Liam, but it had never really been Thomas. Finn predicted that the guy would be standing in front of her when she least expected it.

At the cliff house, Thomas bragged about Douglas' photography skills, citing the boy's pictures of the Luxemburg Gardens. Douglas joked that his dad simply liked the pictures of his fiancée Paris, who'd loaned Douglas her camera. Steffy smiled at Paris, Douglas, and Thomas because of how excited they seemed about the future.

Thomas joked about meeting his sister's approval. Steffy said they didn't need her approval, but she was elated about them. Thomas and Paris announced that they had wedding news, and they'd hold a traditional Forrester wedding at Eric's house.

The group admired Douglas' trip photos some more, and Thomas said Paris was a great subject. Paris liked Douglas' selfies. Douglas hugged Paris, saying he was excited about the wedding. He missed his mom and little sister, but he also liked the way his life had become. Douglas said it meant a lot that Paris made his father happy. Paris replied that Thomas and Douglas meant a lot to her, and they made her feel special.

Douglas left to play with his cousins, and Thomas thanked Steffy for having them over. Steffy was glad to be face to face. She thought it was beautiful the way Douglas spoke about his dad and Paris. Thomas and Paris were proud of Douglas, who knew how to express himself. Paris hoped that Douglas could get through to Hope, who still really wanted to be with Thomas.

Steffy asked if Paris had an issue with Hope. Paris said she was aware of Hope's feelings for Thomas. Steffy didn't believe that Hope's issue was that it was all happening way too fast. Taking Paris' hand, Thomas said, "When it's right, you know."

Paris and Thomas believed it would take time for people to adjust. Paris wasn't feeling insecure about it and was completely confident in their love for each other. Steffy felt that Paris should be confident and added that if Hope wanted what was best for Thomas, Hope would see it, too. Thomas said Steffy's name, but Steffy stated that she wasn't wrong. Hope's behavior made Steffy wonder what was really going on with Hope.

Later, Paris had gone to the beach with Douglas. Steffy and Thomas talked about the wedding at Eric's. Thomas hoped he hadn't made it weird to ask Eric in front of everyone. Steffy assumed "everyone" was Hope. He replied that Hope was struggling, but Steffy recalled that Hope had also turned him down. Paris, on the other hand, wanted to be his wife, and Paris was fantastic. Steffy could see how much Thomas and Paris loved each other.

Thomas shared that Douglas was Paris' biggest fan. Steffy hadn't seen Thomas that free and at ease in a long time -- since before he'd wanted Hope. Steffy didn't want to put it all on Hope, but Steffy said he'd never been enough and could never measure up. It wasn't right or fair because he was an extraordinary man. Steffy urged him to put Hope behind him and live in Europe with Paris and Douglas. Steffy was sure that when Thomas returned, Hope would have moved on to another man.

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