Tate sets his summer plan in motion

Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024)
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

At the airport, Nicole told Eric that Jude was his son. "What are you talking about? That's impossible," Eric said. Nicole explained that the tests had been falsified by Sloan. "He's our son," Nicole said. "How do you even know about this?" Eric asked. Nicole told Eric the whole story and how Gabi had told the truth. With a smile, Nicole picked up Jude.

"I always thought of you [when I looked at Jude], because he has your smile," Nicole said. Nicole placed Jude in Eric's arms. With tears streaming down Eric's face, he kissed his son. "I can't believe it. My son," Eric whispered. The flight attendant made a final boarding announcement for Eric's plane. Nicole noted that Eric was going to miss his flight.

"[Jude] has missed you. I know he has because he's cried so much. And E.J. and I have had such a hard time comforting him because I just, I think he knew that he was taken away from his daddy," Nicole said. Nicole noted that Jude was happy in Eric's arms. "[Sloan] knew," Eric whispered. Nicole nodded yes. "I think maybe she felt less guilty knowing that you'd be raising your own son," Nicole said. "And letting you and E.J. believe that your son was dead? I can't imagine what [E.J.] must be going through right now," Eric said. Nicole scowled.

"I wouldn't feel so sorry for E.J.," Nicole muttered. Nicole told Eric that E.J. had known the truth about Jude. "And he let me believe that [Jude] was his?" Eric asked. "I think [E.J.] thought that if the truth came out, if you and I knew that Jude was our son, we would get back together," Nicole said. Eric blinked a couple times, and then he asked Nicole to leave town with him.

In the park, Tate met up with Aaron to talk about their plan to switch places at lacrosse camp. When Tate gave Aaron his license as proof of identity, Aaron noted that they looked nothing alike. "I doubt they are going to look too closely at it," Tate said. Tate explained that he had ordered a replacement license from the DMV.

As Alex jogged by, he stopped and said, "You guys up to no good?" Tate introduced Alex to Aaron. After a moment, Alex admitted he had overheard Tate and Aaron. "I know what you're doing," Alex said. Tate begged Alex not to tell his mother. "Relax, I'm not going to say anything. I had a fake ID once. I had a few of them, actually" Alex said. Tate visibly relaxed as he realized that Alex had not overheard his plan to skip lacrosse camp.

"Yes. That's what I'm doing," Tate said. Alex told Tate to be responsible, and not to drink and drive. "I will never do that ever," Aaron promised. Alex wished Tate a good time at camp, and he ran off. Tate and Aaron breathed huge sighs of relief. Tate handed Aaron a fresh plane ticket with Aaron's name on it for the trip. "In a couple hours, you'll be in New York. And I'll be free to spend my summer with Holly," Tate said. Tate thanked Aaron for his help.

Theresa stopped by the penthouse to deliver a bag of snacks to Tate for his flight to lacrosse camp, but only Brady was at home. "[Tate] had better not be with Holly," Theresa growled. Brady assured Theresa that Tate had likely gone out to run an errand. Theresa was certain that Tate had gone to see Holly. "You were supposed to be watching him, Brady!" Theresa shouted. Brady urged Theresa to calm down, and he reminded her that their son would be 1,000 miles from Holly by the end of the day.

After a moment, Theresa asked Brady why he had implied to Alex that Theresa was only interested in Alex's money. "Why do you even care? Because Alex doesn't think that way," Brady said. Theresa argued that Brady had crossed a line. "Why are you setting out to hurt me?" Theresa asked. Brady explained that he had been speculating about their time in Greece. Curious, Theresa pushed Brady to tell her about his speculations.

"I think there's a chance that you may have gone through my grandfather's briefcase. The one that your dad brought to the room," Brady said. Theresa was taken aback. "I thought you already knew that Alex was Victor's heir when you slept with him," Brady said. "That is absurd," Theresa stammered. Theresa said that it was insulting for Brady to accuse her of having rifled through a newly deceased person's belongings.

"So, you're saying you didn't do it, right?" Brady asked. "Yes, that is what I am saying. I mean, I was grieving Victor's death, too, you know," Theresa said. Brady admitted that he found that hard to believe. When Theresa said that she had loved Victor, Brady scoffed. Brady added that even if Theresa had loved Victor, it did not mean she would not have gone through his briefcase.

"I did not go through his briefcase!" Theresa shouted. Theresa said that she was hurt by Brady's accusations. "I'm not like that anymore. I've matured," Theresa argued. Theresa said that she wanted her son to be proud of her. With a nod, Brady apologized. "Besides, if you were only after Alex's money, you would have never agreed to sign the prenup," Brady said. Theresa paced nervously, then she complained that Tate would be late for his flight.

When Brady noted that Tate would be back in time, Theresa countered that Brady's lax attitude was why Tate felt he could get away with anything. "You never pay attention," Theresa grumbled. As Theresa started to leave to look for Tate, he returned home. "Where were you?" Theresa yelled. Tate explained he had been saying goodbye to Aaron. Brady offered to drive Tate to the airport, but Tate declined.

"I want to see you off," Brady said. "That's okay. Besides, Aaron offered to give me a ride," Tate said. Theresa narrowed her eyes with suspicion. "Aaron? Who you just said goodbye to?" Theresa asked. Tate explained that Aaron had left to run an errand and would return to pick him up. Theresa argued that Tate could not be trusted. "We are taking you to the airport," Theresa insisted.

Alex called Theresa's phone, and he asked her to meet him at the house to sign the prenup. "Can it wait? I'm just about to take Tate to the airport," Theresa asked. Alex insisted that they needed to sign the agreement before the end of business that day. With a sigh, Theresa promised to return home.

Theresa turned her attention to Tate, and she said she understood if Tate hated her for making him go away for the summer. "I'm just looking out for your best interests. And I hope that one day, you will see that," Theresa said. Theresa and Tate said "I love you" to one another.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. looked at the portrait of Stefano, and he vowed that Stefan and Gabi would pay for what they had done to him. E.J. threw his glass at the fireplace, and he screamed in frustration. "They are going to wish they were never born," E.J. growled. "Who is going to wish they were never born?" Holly asked as she entered the room. E.J. apologized. Holly asked E.J. if he had been talking about her and Tate, and E.J. said no.

E.J. told Holly that Gabi had talked about his personal business at the press conference. "That's really messed up of her," Holly said. With a sigh, E.J. informed Holly that Jude was Eric's son. "I'm really sorry," Holly said. "You're really kind, but I'm afraid your sympathy is misplaced," E.J. said. Holly and E.J. sat on the couch, and he told her that he had learned the truth before Eric had returned Jude.

"And you kept that to yourself?" Holly said. "Which was terribly wrong of me, obviously," E.J. admitted. Holly asked why. "Honestly? And I know this is going to sound heartless, but I wasn't thinking of Eric at all. I was thinking of your mother. I was afraid that if she learned the truth, if she knew that Eric was the father, it would drive her right back into his arms. And I'm quite certain I'm right, because as soon as she left here a little while ago with the baby, I think I know exactly where she went," E.J. said.

When Holly remained silent, E.J. noted that he could not imagine what Holly thought of him. "I'm pretty shook right now," Holly admitted. Holly told E.J. that she did not know how to feel about the situation. With a nod, E.J. noted that Holly clearly thought he was a villain. "You just admitted to doing a horrible thing. You not only hurt Eric, you also lied to my mom. You're supposed to be the one guy she trusts the most. So, can you really blame me for hating what you did to both of them?" Holly said. E.J. hung his head in shame.

"But if I'm being completely honest, I get why you did it," Holly confessed. "Do you?" E.J. asked. Holly said she understood what it felt like to believe that a lie was one's only option. Holly thought about her scheme to spend the summer with Tate. "Thank you for saying that, Holly," E.J. said. With a nod, Holly walked out to meet up with Tate and Aaron in the park.

Theresa returned to the Kiriakis mansion, and she asked Alex about the papers. "They should be here any minute," Alex said. Alex apologized for having interrupted Theresa's goodbye with her son. With a smirk, Theresa noted that Tate was probably happy that she had not gone with him to the airport. "I actually ran into [Tate] in the park earlier," Alex said. "That's weird. He didn't tell me that he ran into you," Theresa said. Alex noted that Tate likely had his mind on other things. "I'm sure he does," Theresa muttered.

At the airport, Tate and Holly walked Aaron to his gate. "As soon as I get on that plane, as far as the world is concerned, Tate Black is spending his summer at lacrosse camp. Which means you guys are free to do whatever it is you're gonna do," Aaron said. Tate thanked Aaron for his help. After Aaron walked away, Tate asked Holly where she wanted to spend her summer.

In the square, Stefan asked Gabi why she had gone back on her promise to him to keep E.J.'s secret. "For the record, I never promised anything," Gabi stressed. Gabi argued that Eric had had a right to know the truth about his son. "After all that time being kept away from my daughter, not knowing how she was doing or what she was feeling, wondering if she needed me, knowing that I couldn't be there for her -- I couldn't let another parent suffer that loss. I couldn't let Eric suffer that loss," Gabi said. Stefan questioned Gabi's motives.

"If this were about Eric, you would have told him privately. But you didn't do that, did you?" Stefan said. Stefan noted that Gabi had instead made a public announcement at a press conference. "You made the choice to embarrass E.J. in the most public way possible because you hate him for what he did to you," Stefan argued. "He sent me to prison!" Gabi countered. Gabi noted that E.J. would have let her remain in prison.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, he got off easy. And yet, for some reason, you're suddenly on his side," Gabi said. Stefan stressed that he hated E.J. for what he had done to Gabi. "Your brother got what he deserved. End of story. Now, can we just please go home and forget about this?" Gabi said. "No. We can't," Stefan whispered. Stefan told Gabi that he loved her, but he was furious with her.

"I'm furious with you, too. How can you side with E.J. over me?" Gabi growled. "For the last time, I am not on E.J.'s side," Stefan argued. Stefan reminded Gabi that he had given E.J. his word to keep silent about the secret, and Gabi's actions meant that Stefan was at war with his brother.

After Stefan stalked off, Gabi sat down in the café. Eric approached her with Jude's stroller. "I see you've been reunited with your son," Gabi said. "I understand I have you to thank for that," Eric said. Gabi smiled sheepishly. "Who knew even I could do the right thing? The honorable thing? I owed you one. Especially after I withheld my bone marrow from Rachel to get my immunity deal," Gabi said. Eric told Gabi he was grateful. "You did the right thing," Eric said. Gabi admitted she was glad she had, even though it had meant trouble with her husband.

After Eric's conversation with Gabi, a cheerful Eric went to the penthouse with baby Jude. "Why aren't you on a plane to Paris?" Brady asked. "Well, I thought you'd like to meet your nephew," Eric said. Brady stared in stunned silence.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. thought about when Nicole had grabbed Jude to leave the house. "We've weathered worse storms than this," E.J. had pleaded. "That's what you think this is?" Nicole had said. Nicole had told E.J. that he had caused their nightmare. "But I love you," E.J. had whispered. Nicole had sniffled back tears, and she'd told E.J. she had not wanted to hear those words from him ever again. Nicole had walked out.

As E.J. sipped a drink, Stefan returned home. "I've always been aware that trusting any member of my family would be a risky enterprise. Still, I overrode my instincts and made a deal with you. I let that despicable Melinda Trask walk so your wife could go free. And what did I ask in return? Your silence. You simply had to do nothing. And you couldn't even manage that," E.J. said.

"I don't expect this to mean much because the damage has already been done. But this was not some elaborate scheme that Gabi and I cooked up. I had every intention of taking your secret to the grave. Gabi had other ideas," Stefan said. With a nod, E.J. countered, "Thanks to your wife, I've lost my wife forever." Nicole walked into the room. Stefan quietly left.

"Thank God you came back. Now, we can finally talk," E.J. said. Nicole cut E.J. off, and she explained that she was only there to pack. As Nicole started to cry, she removed her wedding rings, and she handed them to E.J. "I want a divorce," Nicole said. E.J. shook his head no in disbelief.

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