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General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024)
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Outside the Quartermaine stables, as Mac enjoyed the burst of some fireworks that looked like rain, Cody blurted out, "I'm your son!" Mac turned and asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Cody replied, "Mac, you're... you're my father."

Cody confessed about having lied about the DNA test results because of the affidavit he had signed in his attempt to claim the Ice Princess necklace. Mac grew upset as he realized that Cody had lied due to greed and had then kept the secret for more than a year. Mac exclaimed that he had reached out to Cody and opened his family to Cody.

Cody admitted to having lied because he had not known how to tell Mac the truth. Mac was upset that Cody hadn't been honest with him, but he was more upset that Cody had lied to Felicia, Maxie, Georgie, James, and Bailey Lou. Cody tried to apologize, but Mac declared that he couldn't trust Cody. Mac's voice broke as he said, "For all I know, you're being sorry is just another lie!" Mac, very hurt, put down his beer and rushed off.

Inside the Quartermaine living room, Portia continued to grill Laura about the reopening of Heather Webber's case. Laura maintained that new evidence, discovered after a conviction, would warrant a reexamination of the case. Portia countered that a mayor acting indifferently toward a family member's crimes should expect to face some questions.

Laura conceded that Portia and the citizens of Port Charles had the right to ask questions, but reopening the case would be the decision of the courts. Portia raised the possibility of Heather coming after Trina again, should Heather be released. "You're gonna admit you were wrong after the fact? No! This is my kid we're talking about here, and I will not stand for this!" Portia declared.

Portia remarked that there were no worries of Heather coming after Laura's family, so Laura was free to defend Heather. At that moment, Elizabeth entered the room, looking for Aiden. Portia referred to Elizabeth as Laura's "backup." Portia claimed that Elizabeth had arrived just in time to take Laura's side. Laura declared that the conversation was over. Portia declared that if Laura continued to campaign for Heather's release, Portia's next conversation with Laura would be in public. Portia walked out.

In the kitchen, Curtis wondered if he, Michael, and Nina could all work together smoothly, for the sake of Aurora, the Wellness division, and Drew's congressional campaign. Nina explained to Michael that, because of Drew and Willow, Nina felt like she had been given a second chance to make things right with the family.

Michael maintained that Nina hadn't given him much reason to trust her. Nina told Michael that he could believe in her motivation to make peace, because it was based on Nina's own self-interest. Nina explained that building a relationship with Willow and the kids was her top priority, and being at odds with Michael would prevent that from happening. Nina also cited her love for her job at Crimson. Michael declared that he would be on board with whatever Willow wanted to do, since Willow's happiness was Michael's top priority.

Sasha caught sight of Drew and Willow as they kissed. Sasha, shocked, walked away unseen. Drew and Willow broke the kiss. Willow had a look of regret on her face. Willow started to panic. Drew tried to calm her. He blamed the kiss on the two of them having given in to a random impulse. Willow wondered if, indeed, the impulse had been random on her part. Drew confessed that, "in a different world, with vastly different circumstances," there might have been something between them, but he added that "might have been" was a trap, because in "might have been," everyone always said and did the right things.

Drew said, "It happened. It's over. It'll never happen again." "Ever," Willow agreed. "You see? We're already on the same page," Drew assured her. "What a coincidence. Us, too," said Michael, as he entered with Curtis and Nina. Drew and Willow gave each other a look.

Curtis asked if he, Michael, and Nina had interrupted anything. Drew and Willow simultaneously denied that they had. Drew said that he and Willow had been watching the fireworks and talking politics. Michael explained that he and Nina would put aside the past and their differences so that Aurora could run smoothly and cooperatively. The group was feeling optimistic about the future, and Portia rushed in. She announced, "Curtis, I need to go home."

As Curtis prepared to take Portia home, he congratulated Drew again. Portia, on her way out, told Drew that if he wanted her vote, Drew would have to make sure Heather stayed in prison, "no matter what our mayor has to say." Curtis and Portia left.

Willow was also ready to leave. Michael told his wife that the kids would be staying at the main house, so they could leave whenever Willow was ready. Willow expressed her happiness at how Michael and Nina had buried the hatchet, Nina agreed. As Michael and Willow left, Willow gave Drew one last glance.

Josslyn and Trina cracked open some beers at the boathouse. Josslyn explained to Trina about the Quartermaine house and its hierarchy: Monica owned the house and had put Michael in charge of overseeing the estate, while Olivia was in charge of housekeeping and the staff. That was the reason Michael had been able to grant permission for Josslyn and Trina to rent the garage apartment.

Gio arrived. He told Josslyn and Trina that the summer concert had gone well. Gio informed his friends that Lois had announced that there was food in the house, but the girls were full and declined. Instead, Gio joined Josslyn and Trina for a beer. Josslyn told Gio about Drew's campaign announcement and name change. Gio asked why Sonny hadn't been invited to the party. Josslyn suggested that maybe Sonny had been invited but had been unable to attend.

Josslyn asked Gio about his usual Fourth of July plans. Gio talked about huge Cerullo/Falconeri block parties. Gio also talked about how his mother had come over from Italy and become an American citizen. Gio said that his mom had never wanted Gio to take his citizenship for granted. Trina was impressed that the Fourth of July meant more to Gio and his family than just picnics and fireworks.

Gio felt that the day was an opportunity for people to get together, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but away from the cold weather. Josslyn and Trina extolled the joys of the local soft-serve ice-cream truck. Gio asked about other Port Charles traditions. They told Gio about the country club fireworks, which were due to start about 90 minutes after the city fireworks had ended.

A bit later, as Gio, Josslyn, and Trina watched the country club fireworks, Trina asked how they compared to the fireworks in Bensonhurst. "Let's just say they're more tame," was Gio's diplomatic reply. "That tracks," said Josslyn.

Trina asked if Gio missed his home. Gio admitted that he missed the neighborhood, where he knew everyone and everyone knew him, but added that he had felt like he needed a change. Gio felt Port Charles was "a good fit."

Laura said that she understood Portia's feelings as Trina's mother, but not as a doctor who had been a part of Heather's diagnosis and who understood the ramifications of cobalt poisoning. Elizabeth compared Laura's situation to the one Elizabeth had faced herself when Franco's brain tumor had been responsible for his crimes. In both cases, the victims' families had no sympathy for the person who had taken away their loved one.

Elizabeth expressed her opinion that it was legally proper to be asking the questions. Laura gave a sigh of relief and thanked Elizabeth for having been able to hear what Laura had been trying to say. Laura cried a bit, and Elizabeth hugged her and said that Elizabeth and the grandkids were proud of Laura.

Cody sat in the stable, dejected. Maxie barreled in, rambling on about looking for James's new riding gloves and how James had been telling people about his riding lessons. Cody cut Maxie off and told her that he didn't think he should continue to give James lessons. Cody explained that Mac was furious with Cody. Cody confessed to Maxie that he had been lying and that he was, indeed, Mac's son.

Cody told Maxie that he had thought he had wanted money more than a family, and by the time Cody had changed his mind, the lie had grown too big to take back. Cody apologized to Maxie for having messed things up. "I mean, you're a really terrific family," Cody said. Maxie replied, "Uh, yeah, we are! Especially me! I am a fantastic sister!"

Maxie told Cody that James would be "over the moon" to learn that Cody was his uncle. Cody suggested that Maxie speak with Mac before telling James anything. Maxie informed Cody that she could see what Cody was trying to do. She advised Cody, "If you think you're gonna get rid of us that easily... think again."

Maxie advised Cody not to pack his stuff and start saying goodbyes. She told Cody that she had experiences with having told huge lies and having made "life-wrecking mistakes." Maxie told Cody that running away would just make things worse. "Remind me to tell you sometime about how I pretended to be pregnant so I could get a guy to be in a relationship with me," Maxie said. Maxie made Cody promise not to leave. Cody promised. Maxie said, "Thank you. You won't regret it." Maxie started to leave. Cody spotted James's riding gloves and called Maxie back. Maxie took the gloves from Cody, then she left.

As Mac stared out a window, Felicia found him. She could tell something was wrong. Mac told her about Cody's confession. Felicia told Mac about the second paternity test, but Mac informed her that Cody had to have doctored those results. Mac assumed that Cody had chosen that moment to come forward because Cody had some agenda. Felicia sat Mac down on the sofa then sat beside him. Mac admitted that he would have learned to love Cody, but it was too late for that.

After Portia and Curtis returned home, Portia told Curtis about her conversation with Laura. Portia declared that Laura was "the enemy," and so was anyone who supported her. "And that includes Drew and the Quartermaines!" Portia insisted. Curtis told Portia that he wanted Heather "to stay locked up 'til the end of time," and he would advocate for that. Portia was upset that Curtis didn't seem to be as angry as she was, because that would make Portia feel like Curtis was on her side.

Curtis said that if the court reopened Heather's case, it would be the court's decision, not theirs. Portia remarked that Curtis' statement sounded like the spin of a press release. She accused Curtis of not caring about his daughter. Curtis called out that remark, and Portia apologized immediately. Portia told Curtis that he was not the one she was mad at. Portia hugged Curtis tightly.

Nina was giddy with happiness. "Willow said 'happy' and 'me' in the same sentence!" she beamed. Nina thought maybe she could spend more time with Wiley and Amelia and be part of their family. Drew was happy for Nina and told her it was "beginning to look that way." Nina told Drew that she would forever be grateful to him for having built a bridge between Nina and her daughter. Nina and Drew kissed.

As Nina kissed Drew, Sasha, who had gone to the kitchen, poured herself a large glass of wine. Sasha looked out the window and saw Willow in Michael's arms, watching the second round of fireworks together. Willow and Michael kissed. As Sasha watched them, she recalled the kiss between Willow and Drew.

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