Adam and Chelsea keep their secret when they return to Sally and Billy

The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Tuesday, July 9, 2024)
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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Billy was thrilled when Chelsea surprised him at the office. She was back but also very emotional. As the pair embraced, Chelsea flashed back to her night with Adam before she told Billy how agonized she and Adam were over Connor's condition. Billy sympathized as Chelsea explained that the OCD had tried punishing Connor for being happy with his parents.

Chelsea had been sure Connor was getting better, but then he'd had the setback that had broken her heart. Billy wanted to help and asked how Adam was handling the situation. "I'm assuming not well. I just hope he's not taking it out on you," Billy said.

Billy did his best to comfort Chelsea and insisted she eat, but she wasn't hungry. He finally got her to agree to breakfast, so they ended up at the Athletic Club, where they made small talk about Billy's kids.

Adam returned home to a happily waiting Sally. He took her in his arms and also remembered his night of passion with Chelsea. Adam updated Sally on Connor's status. He was distressed about Connor hurting himself and being in lockdown so he could be watched. As Adam wondered if his and Chelsea's visit had been a mistake, Sally assured him that the doctors had encouraged it, and nobody had thought it would happen.

Sally wished she had gone with Adam. She worried that Adam had had a hard time getting along with Chelsea but hoped they'd been able to support and comfort one another. Sally could tell there was something more on Adam's mind, but he denied it.

Adam assured Sally that he and Chelsea were getting along fine, but Adam didn't offer more. Sally finally convinced Adam to relax with her and take his mind off things. Adam was grateful for how patient Sally was being with him.

Audra and Kyle met up at the Athletic Club, where Audra informed Kyle that the new leadership team at Glissade was getting lots of press. Kyle was pleased and reveled in the fact that Jack couldn't stop him from his new career move. The pair then made their way to Chancellor Park for a meeting with their new boss.

Victor was happy to greet Audra and Kyle and pleased with the press coverage. Victor was especially interested to hear that Jack and Diane knew Kyle was the new Glissade co-CEO. Victor informed them that he had rented them office space in Genoa City, but he assumed they'd spend most of their time in Paris.

Kyle and Audra had other ideas. They wanted to split their CEO duties, with Audra working in Paris and Kyle working in Genoa City, as they prepped to relocate the company. Victor wanted them to work together as a team, but Audra insisted they could do just that -- on different continents.

Victor then sent Kyle to check out the new office space and asked to have a word with Audra alone. Once Kyle left, Victor warned Audra that she needed to prove herself to Kyle. Audra was intrigued when Victor informed her that Kyle didn't think they needed her, but she'd expected it and was ready to prove herself. Victor made sure that Audra would watch her back around Kyle.

When Audra wondered if Victor trusted Kyle, he said that Kyle was gifted, but his need to prove himself to Jack was a weakness. Victor confessed that he never trusted anyone completely. "I always hedge my bets," he said.

Victoria, Nikki, and Claire sat down for breakfast at Society. Victoria wondered if Claire was okay. She seemed a little quiet, but Claire said she was fine. Claire told Nikki and Victoria about her run-in with Victor at Crimson Lights the night before.

Claire admitted that Victor had tried to talk her out of pursuing a friendship with Kyle, and she wondered if that had to do with Victor and Jack's rivalry. Nikki conceded that "there are few people on this earth who Victor despises more than Jack Abbott." Nikki explained that Jack and Victor were both good men, but their rivalry went back so many years that she doubted either one of them remembered what had started it. Victoria assured Claire that she got to make her own choices and didn't have to listen to Victor.

Soon, Nikki and Victoria got notifications about the changes at Glissade. Claire was happy for Kyle but admitted she'd already known. Kyle had told her but asked her not to share the news. Nikki was surprised that Kyle trusted Claire so much to confide in her.

Kyle soon showed up, and Nikki questioned and congratulated him on his new position. Kyle then asked to talk to Claire alone. He thanked her for not telling Nikki and Victoria about his family drama. Claire asked if something was going on between him and Victor because Victor had warned Claire to be careful around him.

That surprised Kyle, who wanted to know exactly what Victor had said. Claire explained that Victor thought Kyle had a lot going on in his life, and Victor didn't want Claire in the middle of it. Kyle was disturbed that Victor would say that, but he insisted he really liked Claire and would never hurt her. Audra soon arrived to take Kyle to check out their office together.

Back at the table, Victoria had some news for Nikki. She wanted to have Claire's last name changed to Newman. Claire returned to the table and asked what they were talking about, so Victoria told her. As soon as Claire heard that Victoria wanted to make her an official Newman, she broke into a wide smile.

In the Abbott living room, Jack told Diane that he hadn't even gone to bed the night before. His argument with Kyle had kept him from sleeping. Jack confessed to Diane that Kyle's animosity toward the family was worse than they'd originally believed. Jack told Diane all about Tucker thinking Jack was the Glissade mystery investor. Thanks to Kyle, Jack knew someone had taken over Glissade, and Audra had had a lot to do with it.

Diane immediately knew that Kyle and Audra were working together again and was horrified because Kyle would be competing with his family's company. "Does our son hate us so much to want to do something like this?" Diane asked. Jack and Diane made their way to the office, still talking about Kyle and his attitude. Diane worried that Kyle would end up with Audra again and wondered if Audra was taking advantage of their son. Jack thought the mystery investor was calling the shots and not Audra. That possibility had Diane intrigued.

At that point, Jack felt he knew who was behind the Glissade takeover -- Victor Newman. Diane could barely believe that was true, so Jack pointed out that the move was classic Victor, and he'd taken his "puppet master" strings back. Diane still didn't believe it. "Would he really go out and buy a company just to hire Kyle and stick it to you?" Diane wondered.

Jack was sure that Victor was using Kyle as a weapon to drive him crazy. Jack was angry at himself because he should have seen it coming. Diane pointed out that Jack and Nikki's friendship was what had set Victor off. Diane noted that things had been fine between him and Victor before Jack had chosen to take drugs in an effort to save Nikki. Jack insisted that Victor didn't need a reason to go after him, so he didn't want to talk about Nikki anymore. Diane apologized for harping on the subject.

Later, when Diane was alone in the office, Kyle dropped by. Mother and son engaged in a shouting match, with Diane calling Kyle's new career move "nonsense," which made Kyle more determined to prove himself.

As Kyle and Diane argued, Jack confronted Victor in his office. Victor flippantly asked if Jack wanted to throw another chair through the window as he had done in the past. A furious Jack warned Victor to leave Jack's family alone. He knew Victor was the mystery investor, but Victor denied it. Jack didn't believe him, telling Victor, "This is a promise. You will pay for this." Victor responded, "Why don't you face the truth? You're a lousy father to your son Kyle, and now you're dealing with the consequences."

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