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The typical soapcentral.com visitor is very much like their television-viewing counterpart. The majority of those visiting the soapcentral.com web site are working professionals, most of whom are women, who are unable to watch their favorite soaps on a regular basis. While these visitors may have the ability to record their favorite soaps, it isn't always possible to watch those recordings. Additionally, there are frequent technical mishaps that prevent programs from recording or competing programs that require a soap fan to choose one program over another on the VCR timer. Whatever the reason, these visitors rely on daily recaps to keep informed of the action on their favorite daytime dramas.

Following is a snapshot of the soapcentral.com demographics.

Unique Users
1,220,615 [approx] per month

Average Time Spent
15:10 minutes per session

Gender Breakdown


Age Breakdown
Under 1705%
18 - 3439%
34 - 4543%
55 - 6511%

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