Content Guidelines

Soap Centralís primary mission is to provide informative, entertaining, and original quality content to our readers. Our writers spend a lot of time creating that original content, so we ask that our content not be posted elsewhere unless you are given expressed permission in writing. Sharing portions of content is okay, provided that you link it to Soap Centralís original content.

While covering fictional characters and stories can be challenging, Soap Central is committed to providing content that is accurate. Our content strives at all times to be respectful of all persons, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, economic status, or health condition.

Soap Central does not promote violence against real persons or real places, post material that is pornographic or sexually provocative (unless that content has been deemed safe for broadcast on network television), promote content or ideas that are knowingly false, and Soap Central does not provide any sort of medical advice (thatís for the real doctors, not the people who play them on television).

Finally, Soap Central respects and admits everyone in our soap opera community. While we know that some of the fictional characters can make us feel all sorts of emotions, personal attacks and inflammatory comments against the real people involved in bringing these shows to life are not allowed. We also value our colleagues in the industry and do not permit false or misleading information about other web sites or those that operate them.

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