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Got a Scoop?
Do you have a tip or information about something in the soap world? Click here to send a news tip or email us at [email protected]

Send us a pitch
Do you have a pitch for a feature on soapcentral.com. Are you or a client interested in being interviewed? Click here or contact the Soap Central Features desk at [email protected]

Advertising on soapcentral.com
If you are interested in advertising opportunities on Soap Central please contract [email protected].

Contact us if any advertising is interfering with your Soap Central experience.

Work with Us
Are you interested in being part of the Soap Central team? Here is a list of current job openings.

Report a Correction or Typo
We strive to make Soap Central as accurate as possible. If you notice something that you feel needs correction, please click "Report Correction" to ensure that the correct editors are notified as soon as possible.

Report a Technical Problem
If you are experiencing a technical issue with the Soap Central web site, please report it here.

Weigh In On Your Soaps
If you want to share your thoughts about your favorite shows, we want to hear from you. Use our Feedback section to share your thoughts on storylines, characters, comings and goings, and anything else.

If you just can't get your fingers to type what you're thinking in your head, you can also call our 24/7 caller feedback line at 267.341.7627 and leave a message.

We Get Letters...
If you would prefer to contact us by non-electronic format or by phone.

Our mailing address is:

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