Tharis or Thope? Is The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas really over Hope? Matthew Atkinson weighs in

Posted Tuesday, June 25, 2024 12:36:34 PM
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Thomas is engaged to Paris, but is it really over between him and Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas Forrester is full of surprises that Hope Logan just isn't ready for. He started the year by impetuously proposing marriage in the design office one afternoon but accepted that Hope wasn't ready for that kind of commitment yet.

His second marriage proposal two months later elicited the same results, but this time, Thomas truly believed a shocked Hope was ready. When she said she wasn't, Thomas had another surprise just a few hours later. He was ending their romantic relationship and taking their son to Paris, devastating Hope and leaving her brokenhearted.

Flash-forward three months, and Thomas delivered two more surprises. He and Douglas returned home unexpectedly, much to Hope's joy. Then, Thomas broke the news: he was engaged to Paris Buckingham now, much to Hope's shock and horror.

During the three months that Thomas was in Paris, Matthew Atkinson was off-screen traveling with his new wife and was just as surprised as Hope when he learned what his character had been up to.

"I think that initially, my response was 'I have no response' because I'm so used to so many things that I don't expect happening," Atkinson told Soap Opera Digest of his reaction to the plot twist. "However, I think that I was pleasantly surprised because there was sort of this moment in the past where Thomas and Paris came together and there was this fun little flirtation, but it sort of was dispelled within, I don't know, a week or two."

Thomas was indeed attracted to Paris at one time, but she only had eyes for Zende. When Thomas started working with Hope again on Hope for the Future, the feelings he'd had for her came to the surface once again. This time, Hope returned those feelings and ended her marriage to Liam. Could Thomas' love for Hope have disappeared so fast?

"I would say that you don't know if your feelings for someone are behind you until you are put in front of the person and speak to them," Atkinson explained. "I think that Thomas has the perspective that he has moved on from Hope, and then he sees Hope -- and he has so much love for her that you can't help that some of that comes back."

If Thomas still has feelings for Hope and Hope is clearly still in love with Thomas, where does that leave Paris? She was already left at the altar once when Carter chose Quinn over her. Is Paris about to be the odd woman out at her own wedding for the second time? Stay tuned to find out.

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