A Langston and Starr Llanview Reunion: One Life to Live's Brittany Underwood meets Kristen Alderson's beautiful baby

Posted Tuesday, March 05, 2024 3:23:46 PM
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One Life to Lives's Kristen Alderson and Brittany Underwood grew up together on-screen and off.

It's been more than a decade since we've seen One Life to Live BFFs Starr and Langston together. The girls caused more drama and teenage angst in Llanview than the adults in their life needed while actresses Kristen Alderson and Brittany Underwood bonded as besties.

Alderson recently became a mom for the first time when daughter Kiera Sky made her debut on January 29 of this year. While there are miles between them now, Underwood couldn't miss the opportunity to travel and meet Alderson's little bundle of pink just in time for her one-month birthday.

Both actresses took to Instagram to show off photos and videos of their reunion with Kiera as the star attraction in each snap.

"My best friend of 18 years met my DAUGHTER (aka our new bestie)!? What is life!? It's incredible," Alderson wrote. "We've been through everything together, & I can't freakin wait for all of our memories to come that will now include little Kiera. Britt, you're already the best Aunt💘 Love you forever!"

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Underwood also chronicled the meeting and was in awe of the tiny little life Alderson created, which included Kiera rolling from tummy to back for the first time and Kiera (or rather, her mom) blowing out the candles on her one-month birthday cake.

"I'm absolutely obsessed," Underwood said in her post. "One of my absolute favorite humans @krisalderson ...created a whole entire other human. She already has such a funny little personality and cracks us all up. So grateful I got to be there for some firsts, her first time rolling over, her first bday (one month lol) celebration, just so special.

"Kristen, you are already SUCH an amazing mother and I'm so insanely proud of you. From playing your best friend during your on screen teen pregnancy with Hope to being there for you to actually have your first child is so insane to me. You're a rockstar."

When their fellow OLTL star Gina Tognoni saw the pics, she responded with a simple, "Oh my word. Perfectness in your arms."

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