Tortured Taylors? Six soap characters named Taylor who swiftly made their mark

Posted Friday, April 19, 2024 12:12:08 PM
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Taylor Swift left fans with a big dramatic reveal as she debuted a new DOUBLE album at 2 AM. But can she keep up with the drama these soapy Taylors once brought?

It's Taylor Swift Day again, as the singer who is still selling out stadiums across the globe with her Eras Tour proves she's a woman who never stops. A new double album titled The Tortured Poet's Department dropped on April 19, and it got us thinking of all those Taylors who have kept our attention on daytime through the years.

Taylor Roxbury Cannon, All My Children

Ingrid Rogers as Taylor Roxbury Canon This Taylor caused a lot of trouble during the few years she lived in Pine Valley in the 1990s. First played by Ingrid Rogers and later, Kelli Taylor, Taylor Roxbury Cannon was a Pine Valley police officer who had designs on another member of the Pine Valley Police Department: Derek Frye. There was just one catch -- Derek was already involved with Mimi Reed.

She later set her sights on Derek's nephew Terrence Frye, but he was involved with Julia Santos at the time. Julia just kept getting in her way, because Taylor soon wanted another man who had his eyes on Julia, Noah Keefer. Taylor went through emotional torture when she thought she was responsible for Julia's alleged death. After it was revealed that Taylor framed Noah for murder, she was arrested and never heard from again.

Taylor Benson, Another World

Sharlene Frame was stunned enough when she learned she had an alternate personality named Sharly, but she never expected the psychiatrist who integrated her personalities to fall for her husband.

However, that is exactly what Dr. Taylor Benson did. She fell hard for John Hudson and essentially lost her mind, torturing John and Sharlene until she was presumed dead. Of course, Taylor was not dead and returned to make John and Sharlene's lives even more of a living hell. She kidnapped Sharlene, held her hostage on a boat, and both women were presumed dead when the boat exploded. Thankfully, Sharlene eventually turned up alive.

Taylor Baldwin, As the World Turns

Maggie Baird as Taylor Baldwin Played by Maggie Baird, who is the mother of another real-life pop star, Billie Eilish, Dr. Taylor Baldwin was a much-maligned character on As the World Turns from 1986-1987.

Her affairs with Tom Hughes and Casey Peretti didn't win her many fans, and she finished torturing Oakdale lives within a year.


Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen as Taylor Hayes Perhaps soaps' most famous character named Taylor, this tortured psychiatrist spent the better part of three decades fighting another woman for her man. First played by Hunter Tylo, she was also presumed dead a few times through the years, so that didn't help.

Most recently, Krista Allen brought Taylor to life when she thought she was going to marry Ridge again, but alas, he chose Brooke after she and her old rival tried being friends for a while. Currently, Taylor is off at a medical conference somewhere, which is where she goes when she is not needed for a storyline.

Taylor Walker, Days of our Lives

Tamara Braun and Natalia Livingston as Taylor Walker Yes, Nicole Walker had a sister named Taylor who was played by two General Hospital alums. When the character first came onto the Salem scene in 1998, Katherine Ellis played her. More than a decade later, Natalia Livingston, GH's second Emily, was cast in the role. Not long after, Livingston left, and Tamara Braun, GH's second Carly, became Taylor.

Nicole and Taylor had a fraught relationship. When she arrived in town in 2011, she needed cash and ended up taking a job at Titan while causing all sorts of trouble. After meeting Vivian Alamain's son Quinn, Taylor had to face demons from her tortured past. Within a year of her second stint in Salem, Taylor left town. Nicole very rarely mentions her, which is why new viewers are surprised to hear Nicole has a sister somewhere whom she never sees.

Taylor Dubois, General Hospital

Pepi Sonuga as Taylor Dubois A blink-and-you-might-miss-her character, Taylor DuBois is Nurse Felix DuBois's sister and spent about six months in Port Charles in 2013. First played by Samantha Logan and then Pepi Sonuga, Felix's teenage sibling moved in with him for a while and struck up a friendship with his other houseguest, the late Britt Westbourne.

She set her sights on T.J, Ashford for a while, but he only had eyes for Molly. By the end of the year, Taylor decided to move back home with her folks.

How do you feel about our "tall Taylors"? Do you remember these soap opera Taylors? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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