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Gabi might not have killed Li, but she certainly stabbed Stefan in the back and took a slice out of E.J.'s ego! From the truth bomb dropping Mrs. Hernandez-DiMera to Kayla to Kate to Jada and to some psycho chick, ladies in Salem had a lot to say this week. So, be it iced or hot, grab some tea and then spill some in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Yes, please and thank you, Mrs. Gabi Hernandez-DiMera! I loved her outing E.J. at the press conference. I'm putting together a gift basket for her. It'll include a plane ticket back to Arizona so she can visit Ari Grace for more than a morning, some snacks from Sweet Bits, and some of my stocks in DiMera Enterprises so she can join the "Woman Power!" movement happening over there.

Before I get too deep into all the drama, it's my turn to exclaim, "Welcome to Salem, Cherie Jimenez!" She's been fantastic so far. I can't wait to continue the journey with her as Gabi.

And what a way to begin the journey -- Gabi is taking care of business left and right. She swiftly shut down one of the DiMera brothers' biggest scandals. She got Stefan to shave! That AND publicly declared Nicole is still in love with Eric and that he is Jude's father. Would you call that a scoop, Nicole? I would.

Of course, if there were any questions about how Nicole and Eric feel about one another, they were answered during their non-goodbye goodbye. Ari Zucker and Greg Vaughan so effortlessly convey the magical connection between their characters. Methinks after this press conference, Nicole is going to get her rom-com moment of rushing to the airport to stop someone from going to Paris. Classic. A tale as old as cliffhangers.

Still, we were cliffhung! Gabi only bomb-dropped that Nicole is in love with Eric, and he is Jude's father. And cut to shocked faces and black. While Ron Carlivati and company are making a hasty cleanup of lingering storylines, I do have some hesitation that this might be the dreaded daydream fake-out. So, did Gabs definitely deliver the drop, or is she imagining it!? Let's cross our fingers and hope it's the former. I have snacks lined up for Monday, and they won't taste as sweet and savory without the real truth being set free.

Assuming it's the real deal, I also love this for Gabi. She'll never be squeaky clean and even admitted so (and we wouldn't want that as an audience), but prior to her incarceration, she basically Boris and Natasha-ed with Stefan for control of DiMera. It got a little stale and, more so, put a lot of Gabi's redeeming qualities on the back burner, like her love for her family and general compassion.

Sure, there is an absolute power play here in Gabi's move. She outed E.J. She got some revenge, but that doesn't seem to be her sole purpose. She seemed sincerely shaken by Stefan's strategies. Gabi proved that when she said, "So, growing up without your real dad is okay as long as you're a one-percenter?"

That packs a punch, coming from a self-made woman from West Salem whose father basically abandoned the family. She's familiar with financial hardships, but more importantly, she did right by her family -- Ari Grace, Eric, Will, Sonny... all of them. I'm proud of Gabi for this.

Now, can somebody escort Gabi over to the Kiriakis mansion to clean house? Let her learn about "Gwenresa" and cause a wigplosion of the truth over there, too. If she did this for Eric, Ari, and Will with a side of revenge against E.J., she'd out Theresa for Sonny and his family without flinching. I'd also consider it a personal favor because Alex and Theresa's terribleness had me agreeing with Bonnie, and that just feels wrong on many levels. Help us, Gabi-Won Kenobi. You're our only hope.


I guess we can say that Li's matchmaker, matchmaker didn't make him a match. Eek. It seems like "Kooky Connie" is now "Killer Connie!" I didn't think it was possible, but she takes dating more seriously than Tate and Holly. It took them one to get hooked on each other, but this loopy lady stabbed Li in the back because he just wasn't into her!? I'll just break out a classic Brother Boy "Oooh-kaaay" and move on.

Though, before I move too far away from all the kookiness, I suspect that Everett's ever-changing storyline and Li's murder are going to intersect at the corners of Let's Wrap This Up Road and Shut It Down Street. Bobby's promised Jada a tale of murder, and nobody seems to know that Connie is the real killer. That we know of! I think...

One night at Little Bar, where Connie has been known to hang, she met one of Everett's alters, probably Bobby. After all, Bobby has history picking up random women, like that lady at the pub. I think her cringy met his cringy, and he discovered her secret. Something about the timing of all this screams, "That happened!"

In other "That Happened!" news, Steve got a sweetheart deal. He's not going to jail for helping Clyde escape. I'm shocked, but not shocked that E.J. went easy on him. The dirty D.A. does have his hands full, and he and his family sort of owe Steve a solid or ten. Though Eej is Eej and can be an Eejnormous D-bag at times. "At times." Anyway.

I loved Steve and Jada's interaction. You could tell how much she wanted to help him, and I chuckled when she called him on his B.S. Tough love is still love. From "You look like a perfectly respectable criminal" to "Your dad would be as proud of you, as I am," I need more of these two in my life.

Steve's scenes with Marlena were also great! I like their friendship. Much like Steve and Kayla, they're very opposite ends of the Salem spectrum, but there's a love and respect there, forged through their love and respect of John. Their hug made me happy. Now, go get our John in Greece, Patch Man!

Eric and Holly's scene gave me the same feels that Maggie and Xander's did, as well as Steve and Jada's. That is, I loved them. As they say in sports ball, DAYS hits a home run when they embrace these kinds of relationships. We can add Kate and Abe to that list of "Loved it!" too.

Speaking of "Yes!" I'm here for Kate and Abe buying the rights to Body & Soul and resurrecting it. This has "fun" written all over it.

I also adore Abe's love for the show. It totally tracks with his trauma. It's a little happy place he clung onto during the darker times. These are his fictional friends he went through hell and back with. Having that daily dose of escapism while recovering does wonders for the, well, body and soul. I get it, Abe. I have friends like that, too *wink*

I feel like if Kate and Abe are going to produce a soap opera, they have the means and the team. Johnny could direct. Roman and Chanel could team up for craft services. Stephanie could run PR. As a real estate mogul and mayor, Paulina would be perfect to help with accommodations and permits. Abe could ask Theo to ask Claire to sing an updated theme song!

And hello, Kate! She needs to make some long-distance calls, too. One, get Carrie to come home and get on board as the head of the legal team. Austin could do something Austiny to help at the production. And we'd get to meet Not-So-Baby Noah! Lucas needs a job and a reason to come home! I heard he's good at set construction. Billie could bring back Countess Wilhelmina for hair and makeup. And! Kate could invite Will back to write, Sonny back to invest, and Arianna Grace to act, since Gabi mentioned she's "so grown up" and going to a performing arts program. You're welcome, Abe and Kate. I'll send you my consultant fees.

I know Arron's excited about taking Tater Tot's place at that super swanky lacrosse camp, but if Aaron becomes "Tate" there, how will there be documentation to prove that "Aaron Greene" was there!? Part of this is to help Aaron get into a great college. This plan has holes.

Wait! Mark "Three E's" Greene said that he's raising his siblings, but Aaron said his mother is having people over for a barbeque. Something sketchy is going on here.

Additionally sketchy was RACH3L stating, "What's in it for me?" and then she pretty much blackmailed Holly. Though, being surprised by her actions is like being shocked that water is wet. She's a shady little lady. She's going to shade.

I also suspect that RACH3L is the one who sold Brady those "super exclusive" seats to the fireworks. Um. Weren't they just standing in Horton Town Square, where anyone could walk by and did!? Hello, Alex and Theresa. I was expecting the top of Titan Tower or a party yacht on the pier. Not so much.

Brady kind of won the battle by stating, "You have only had two dates with this girl." There is that. Though, considering Brady has had several "loves of his life," I think Tate should be shown a little grace. Let the kids date. They'll be bored with each other by fall without all the drama keeping them wanting to be together.

Brady also gave Tate advice he should take himself. He suggested a "reset" before their conversation got too heated, but Brady needs a "relationship reset." His dating pool, which seems to be just exes, is getting old. Stefano had like a bazillion kids, mostly with different women, and look how that turned out. Okay. Wait. Don't look how that turned out, but you don't need to be romantically tethered to your exes to be a good co-parent. Branch out, Brady Black! Just, maybe, avoid using Li Shin's matchmaker.

Ava got a job at DiMera Enterprises. I'm already in love with this. Now we have Kristen, Ava, and Melinda working there. It is "Woman Power!" as Special K put it. It looks like the DiMera boys club era is over (for now). I suspect Rita will love this, too.

Still, I couldn't take Kristen and Melinda's scenes that seriously. Kristen's actively using her child as a weapon, and Melinda and her regrets about Haley ring a smidge hollow. Nevertheless, I love Stacy Haiduk and Tina Huang! It will be entertaining watching Kristen and Mel along with Ava tackle the corporate world while attempting to be professional with each other.

I also hope this new era of DiMera Enterprises genuinely gets work done and isn't a rinse and repeat CEO swap storyline. Some stability, even if the CEO is super unstable, would be nice. For now, E.J. can stick to the D.A.'s office, and Stefan can, um, keep up with his shaving!

Johnny and Chanel's scenes were lovely again last week. They remain couple goals. Though, Paulina and Chanel's embrace felt a little off to me. Kayla's discovery was a period at the end of this storyline sentence. Ron and Co. are done with it. Good, of course, but while there's an obvious relief that Paulina wasn't directly linked to the miscarriage, there are still issues there that need to be addressed. I guess a hug is a step toward healing, but a little follow-up is needed.

I am still here for all things Chad and Julie! It's like Salem's favorite son and Jessica Fletcher are teaming up to solve a caper. He took a solo venture to speak with Kayla (more on that in a bit). She told him to check the funeral home, and now he's asking Paulina to exhume Abigail's body. Let's all grab a shovel and help Chad. We need answers!

Extra Scoops


I loved Chad and Kayla's conversation about the possibility of Abigail being alive. One, any scene between Billy Flynn and Mary Beth Evans is bound to be brilliant. And it was!

Two, I loved that Kayla fully embraced the possibility that Abs could be alive. So often -- so very often -- resurrections on DAYS are treated like a never-before-seen event. There's pearl clutching and a plethora of "I can't believe it!" Really, Salemites!? Most of you have been dead and bounced back before.

Kayla took the realistic approach and even gave examples of her own miracle alongside Kate and Marlena as well as her experiences with Steve and Bo. It was refreshing. In fact, Kayla summed it up perfectly by stating, "I would never say that something's impossible." Thank you, Dr. Sweetness.


Instead of a negative nelly comment about Alex or other silly goose Salemites, let's focus on more positive, and that's the spectacular scenes between Bobby and Jada! Blake Berris and Elia Cantu are pure fire. They're playing this multilayered cat and mouse game between Bobby and Jada to pure perfection. Bravo, you two!


"Sometimes I feel like I'm living a soap opera." Kate to Kayla

"Not feeling it, E.J." Gabi after he attempted to hug her

"That's a very generous interpretation of events." Paulina to Stephanie regarding E.J.'s misdeeds

"You guys are too sweet." A very sarcastic Bonnie on Alex and Theresa


Can we just petition to have every award from Emmys to Golden Donuts to Nobel Prizes go to Wally Kurth this year? His talents know no ends. I'm in constant amazement of this man.

Serious question! Would Bayview Sanitarium give a patient hand weights like the ones Bobby had (and leave him unsupervised with them while he had guests)? It seems like things could get a little bashy.

Kate's suit was made of win.

Stephanie and Paulina chuckling about E.J. was hilarious.

Also hilarious was, "Who killed J.P.?"

I wonder how Belle and Shawn are doing. We really need an update other than they're "working on their marriage." Has he forgiven himself? Have they seen Claire Bear lately? I need to know things.

Poor Roman must hire someone again! I feel his pain. Nobody likes the interviewing process. Though, maybe he can hire Aaron Greene. He likes to keep busy.

I cracked up when Holly explained that she'd spent all but one day of the year so far in a coma or grounded.

You can tell how much fun Paul Telfer and Linsey Godfrey have working with one another. Their joy is infectious. Xander and Sarah are certainly on a lucky streak.

Every time there's an establishing shot of the hospital, it looks as if it's surrounded by forestry. Then, the views from inside the hospital looking out windows are city views. So, one side of the hospital faces downtown and the other the woods? Salem. Even its locations have mysterious sides.

I adore that Maggie put the check in a blue envelope.

Wow! Hearing "Hearth and Home" was a total blast from the past. Shamefully, I'd forgotten about it until Abe and Kate brought it up, but I always liked that for her.

I miss Remington Hoffman! I especially liked when Li got to be a little goofy and funny. He's on my short list to speak to Dr. Rolf about.

Every time I hear Tate and Holly are 17, I think of SNL's "ABBA Christmas," especially the line, "You're thirteen plus four!" And the announcer stating, "That's right. The characters are mostly on the dance floor, and they're all 17." It's worth the time. YouTube it.

Melinda told Kristen, "I am triggered just being in your presence." Lady, there is a line for that, and you are not at the front of it.


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for July 8. Laurisa and I will be back next week with a "Special Edition" of Two Scoops! Without giving too much away, pack your bags, grab your passports, and mix up a roadie -- we're going on some adventures. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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